Friday, August 24, 2012

London in sights

ok, i must finish telling you about my london trip! of course, there i visited a lot of sights which i only saw on the net or books before. london is full of amazing bridges, magnificent buildings and nice parks. i'll show you some places that i have visited in london!

  piccadilly circus!
 trying to meet the lovely squirrel in the hyde park
 for harry potter fans - platform 9¾
 big big big ben
 @ baker's street with sherlock holmes
 that was a dream - the london's eye. at night time it's even more wonderful
 london tower!
 near the olympic tower bridge
 queen's home :)
 st. paul's cathedral was one of the most beautiful buildings i've ever seen. i don't know why but that was so glorious for me.
 portobello road with lots of people and uproar in the market.
camden town. can you see the kissing couple?

surely, in london were the way more places i have visited but these were the best ones.

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