Thursday, August 9, 2012

London in museums

we've been to four museums and two galleries. i loved every minute being there because museums have that atmosphere which i can't find in lithuanian museums.

first of all was natural history museum where we found dinosaurs, cells, stones and everything from our nature. the building itself was magnificent but all the skeletons and earth things made it even more fantastic.
 natural history museum from the outside
 kipras in the cell
 that looked like the hogwarts school from harry potter for me :D
amazingly big meteoric iron! can you believe that this iron came down just from the sky, from the universe?

then we went to victoria & albert museum where we found a lot of ancient and new age sculptures, paintings, jewellery and a lot of art students who were just sitting and painting these sculptures.
 i couldn't believe that i can see william turner's paintings in real. he's one of my favorite artists
 sacramental relics
magnifier and some small portraits

i guess my favorite museum was science museum. because i love science things and astronomy, i just wanted to stay there for the whole day. i said that i want to work in the science museum because i love it so much now! there are so many interesting things. i didin't want to leave.
 earth, me and the copy of the first spaceship which landed on the moon
 cat's eye nebula! you can read everything about nebulae here
 astronaut on the moon and me. i was so happy to be there! 
 this is the piece of the moon. yes, the moon is here
 all the cute cars and the plane in the museum
 interactive space in the museum

national portrait gallery and national gallery. we weren't allowed to take pictures in these galleries so i just took some photos from the outside. when we were in the national gallery i almost cried because of all the greatness of this gallery. i saw monet, turner, signac, van gogh, rembrandt, klimt and so many paintings i only saw in books. seriously, that is an extraordinary feeling. i just standed in front of monet's painting le bassin aux nympheas and just could't believe my eyes. you can see all the touches of a paintbrush, all the touches of that artist in real. yes, that's unforgettable.
  national portrait gallery
national gallery
near the national gallery. in the trafalgar square

and the last one was british museum. we didn't spend a lot of time there because we were in a rush. but we wanted to see mummies and we did it :) it's completely history museum but there is very interesting stuff to see. 
 biritsh museum looks kind of old from the outside
 but from the inside it really doesn't look so old anymore
sweet dreams, you sleepy friend
 mummies mummies!
egyptian kid's slippers
 my ancient friends and i
 london 2012 olympics medals
do you know this guy?

all in all, london's museums and galleries are really worth visiting. even though some people think that museums are boring, what i can say - these museums are far away from being boring. 

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