Monday, December 3, 2012

capturing december

yesterday i found a photo-a-day challenge 'capturing december'. i wanted to do this some weeks ago but my camera was broken and i didn't want to take pictures using my phone camera. but i'm glad i didn't start this before because december challenge is even more interesting. maybe you want to do this too, join me then! :)
this is the themes of everyday picture.

1st of december: your view today
my view was first snowy morning of winter. love it!
 2nd of december: favorite holiday movie
actually, vaiva and i watched 'home alone' on 2th december, but i didn't take a photo... so i took a picture at home and not only one :D so this is me as kevin and the favorite holiday movie is definitely 'home alone'!
3rd of december: red
red is one of the christmas colours and this is my red.

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