Monday, December 10, 2012


thanks for my sister and karolis - i'm on the cover on magazine! and here you can see and read it. there also are my sisters illustrations - check out the back cover of the magazine. i'm so happy about being on the cover - it's kind of one of my the dreams. y generation, yes.

and, of course, photo-a-day here:
 8th of december: ornament(s)
didn't know what to choose for this pic until i saw my mom packing a present for my cousin. lovely wrapping paper!
 9th of december: something you're reading
 a book that my english teacher borrowed me and biology, realy interesting book :D
10th of december: wrapping paper
some dog-eared scraps, not much left. i want to buy some very nice paper this year.


  1. Galvojau ar nepasivaideno, kad tu viršelyje!

  2. Ir aš mačiau, galvoju: matyta:) ta MADERIO knyga tai baisiai įdomi... :D

    1. kaip fainai! :))
      ooo, ir Tu patyrus maderį? ;DD ech, gera knyga.. :D


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