Friday, December 7, 2012


 i'm still doing this! time is running so fast, only two weeks left to christmas holiday!
4th of december: joyous
the view through my window makes me so happy! i love seeing snow out there.

5th of december: today's temperature
-3°C, snowy today
6th of december: shopping
not so amazing shopping :D just buying some random things with mom
7th of december: bright
today was the lighting of our town christmas tree, it's kind of bright

yesterday my family and i went to 'vienna blood' in the opera house. omg, that was majestic! so fun and lovely!
 little sneak peek from parterre
 hot chocolate break
 this is what i love about the opera house: dark outside, lights inside
while others had champagne and hot chocolate i prefered fruit cocktail

have a nice friday evening!

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