Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

it's amazing when you wake up early in the morning and feel the smell of foods that mom is making, see the snow and frost outside and just lie in your bed feeling happy about christmas.
yesterday we decorated our christmas tree and i did a little photoshoot with my cello and christmas lights. i'm so excited about christmas! so right now i'm going to help my mom and sis to make all those dishes and wait for the evening to come.
and hopefully weather forecast is lying and it won't be warming in the evening and the snow will be right there on the ground these days.

and then i decorated my room with those christmas lights

xmas tree decoration!
those christmas lights
light up the street
down where the sea and city meetm
may all your troubles soon be gone

oh christmas lights keep shining on!

have a warm and cozy christmas eve, friends!

+ my look this evening:
diy christmas headband by my sis
velvet dress from primark


  1. tokia įkvepianti kalėdiška elegancija!

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